Selling Estates

Estate situations are associated with significant transition in the family and therefore can be an emotional and stressful time.  We pride ourselves on being a “One Stop” provider for many estate clients, as we are equipped to handle the auction and sale of both personal property and the real estate involved.  We are one of very few companies capable of offering this “One Stop” service.

Being an executor or co-executor of an estate can be quite overwhelming.  Many executors do not know where to begin or where to turn. Jay and his staff pride themselves from handling estate situations with ease, professionalism and compassion.

The personal property can be handled in several ways, an Online auction is a popular choice as it gives bidders a chance to view and bid on items 24/7 for about 14 days. The online auction can be held in the home or we can move contents of home to our auction facility. There is a preview a couple days ahead before the auction ends so bidders have an opportunity to look at the items they would like to bid on, then a couple days after the auction ends successful bidders will have a set period of time to pickup items. Each option has their benefits, that is where Jay can explain the different options and work to find the right fit for your items. We can handle one item to thousands of items, we always suggest not to throw anything away until we can take a look. A pickup service is offered by Jlawyer Auction Services which allows family members to identify items they want to keep and our crew will pack, load and store the remaining items to be sold at a future auction. We can give you a time frame for your auction once we meet. We can handle the complete process including clean up of property, minor repairs, removal of trash and work closely with the family or executor from day 1 till the process is finished.  Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal!

An on-site auction is deemed appropriate in certain situations where the quantity and quality of the items warrants a private auction.  This decision is made by auction company personnel.  Terms for on-site auctions are determined on a case-by-case basis, as on-site auctions vary greatly in content, type, location and degree of involvement needed by auction company staff.

The real estate involved in an estate can be handled by the auction process, which works very well for these types of properties.  The auction process works well for properties that have been lived in for many years and have maybe not gone through the inspection process. By using the auction method, the family does not have to bring the property ‘up to code' make repairs or improve cosmetic conditions.  The property is sold “As Is’, in its current condition with No Contingencies. Free feel to call Jay at 304-258-BIDS with any questions or for your free Confidential and Free Consultation. 

What Our Clients Say

"We recently had Jay Lawyer to do an online sale of personal property we had left when we moved from our home to an apartment. The sale went smoothly and we were pleased with the outcome and would recommend Jay" -Herb & Liz Eppinger